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Ride Concept project


In 2022, as part of my university course, I had the chance to work on a project entirely of my own choosing. Wanting to learn more about the design of theme parks (park layout, themed rides, themed shopping and dining locations, etc.) I decided to focus my project around the design and modelling of a themed dark ride. I have since continued with the project, adding to and working on the model and concept in my own time.


The concept surrounding the story of the ride was very simple and ultimately rooted in the fairy books that I had adored as a kid, a trip through the tiny kingdom of gnomes and fairies and all sorts of strange creatures. Mostly it was an exercise in atmosphere, with the story coming second to the world it was set in, allowing the escapism of this tiny, magical place to be the main attraction.

Ultimately, considering the time and space I had available for this project, I decided to craft a model of only a section of the ride I had been working on and leave in in an uncoloured state (although I hope to return to it in the future). The model depicts a town square that guests would pass through around the middle point of the ride, with a cafe, boutique and inn. This scene would be heavily populated with animatronics and statues, creating a lively and bustling atmosphere.

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